Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beacon?

Beacons are devices that communicate with a consumer's smartphone. Built on the Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE platform, beacons send a packet of information identifying itself, and can be read by an enabled smartphone. These beacons can be placed on items such as display racks, artwork or yes, beer tap handles. With the right database behind it, this unlocks unlimited possibilities for proximity marketing. It is projected by 2020 there will be 50 billion (that's billion with a "B") objects connected to the internet, bringing the "Internet of Things" to life.

Wait a second, I'll know when someone comes into an account and can send them a message?

In short yes. You won't receive an alert, but through our system you can set conditions by which a consumer receives a message. Perhaps you want to communicate on Monday nights a football beer special. Consumers entering into the range of a beacon with an enabled phone will receive a notification about the offering.

How did the beacons get into accounts?

Through our partnership with TapTalker®, we've accessed a national network of beacons that have been strategically deployed, establishing various beacon marketing markets, similar to that of a TV (DMA) or radio (Guidebook) market. This provides us a competitive advantage in the marketplace and leverages the deep connections our distribution network has with local owners and managers of retail accounts.

How will I track my campaign?

JUXTAD has a set of analytical tools and continues to evolve this capabilities as we get feedback from our advertisers and app developers to better run and analysis their business with us. We want to provide you all of the tools and analysis you desire. If it's not there, just ask.

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