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A different approach to app monetization

Incremental monetization. Think about that. Add the JUXTAD SDK to your app and open a new stream of revenue. Our platform works in the background meaning users don't have to be actively engaged with your app for you to monetize it. Keep your other ad platforms in place. JUXTAD compliments them, rather than competes against them.

Our trigger is different. When a user has an app that has our SDK on it, it only communicates when they are near a JUXTAD platform beacon. This ensures an appropriate and relevant experience. As the developer, control whether or not you want to assign a badge to the message, where the user goes to upon a swipe and more.


A different and incremental approach to monetization

Incremental Monetization

Add the JUXTAD platform to your existing apps and earn money even while they are not actively using it. Because the "trigger" mechanism that JUXTAD utilizes, when a smartphone is engaged with a beacon, user only get content in a moment that is relative to their real time experience.

Premium Advertisers

Branded Consumer Goods

Easy Installation

Minutes, not Hours

Subtle Engagement

Works in the Background

Secure Experience

User Privacy Paramount


Quick. Simple. Easy.

Connecting consumers to brands requires the coordination of efforts by different parties. JUXTAD seamlessly integrates the needs of the brand owners, the app developers and the locations all together, in perfect harmony.

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Developers Kit

Then, from your account, download our SDK (Software Developers Kit). We include options that allow you to control the presentation of content.


the SDK

Next, install the SDK on your app and publish. While it is just a few lines of code and files, we also are here to support your installation.


your earnings!

Relax and watch your app work for you. Get paid in your local currency.

Premium Advertisers

JUXTAD is a premium mobile ad platform, working with premium, branded advertisers offering a premium digital experience.

Our current advertiser base is focused on premium beer, wine and spirit brands trying to reach their consumer at the point of connection. As we expand into other environments, we will continue to attract tier 1 CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) suppliers and their agencies as our advertiser base.

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Easy Installation

JUXTAD offers a well-documented SDK installation process and we have a support team to help answer any questions. The typical installation takes under 90 minutes and offers you a range of customization features to ensure you have the right controls.

Our platform sends a push notification to the front of the user's screen when triggered. From this push notification, the user can decide to engage with a swipe or it fades away and is stored in their notification center for latter access. You control where messages are stored and if your app's badge appears with the notification or not.

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Subtle Engagement

Engage the user outside of the app, and only when they are in a relevant environment. Our platform does not interrupt their experience while using the app. No banners or interstitials on top of your game.

Opt in/Opt out: Users can easily elect to turn off our messages through their settings, in effect, disabling our communication (and your revenue). This flexibility ensures your app users have the experience they want, not what we demand.

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Secure Experience

For Your Users

Your users remain anonymous to our advertisers. We provide only summary statistics to them to help better understand effectiveness and conversion rates at a broader level.

For You

Quick, easy one way transactions to your account in your preferred currency. You don't pay us, we pay you.

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