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Connecting Consumers to Brands

One approach: The consumer is on the couch, in their car or at their desk. You communicate the right message, just in the wrong environment. Awareness builds, connections are made and then time lapses...You hope that consumers will see some POS, recall your brand positioning and be inspired to purchase.

Our approach: The consumer enters an environment where your brand is available. Their smartphone vibrates with a message. The consumer is taken to brand developed content such as an equity video spot, tasting notes, a promotional offer or an enter to win contest...reminding them why they love your brand - just a moment before they make their decision.

Which way more effectively drives purchases behavior?

Brands just got Closer

Speak to consumers in the moment that matters

Proximity Marketing

It just makes sense - communicating when a consumer is near your brand. Think how you can elevate their purchase experience and inform their purchase decision. This is going to change how things are done. JUXTAD has established a platform for your digital/mobile strategy to the next level with proximity marketing.

@ Right Moment

Branded Consumer Goods

Choose Your Market

JUXTAD has established a national network of beacons to activate your communication.

On Premise Accounts

Through our partnership with TapTalker®, we've tapped into the On Premise class of trade for Adult Beverage suppliers. Craft bars, taverns, nightclubs, gastropubs, restaurants, recreational and sporting venues. We have them covered.

Grocery - Convenience - Drug - Liquor

We are in the process of establishing chain specific networks, allowing you to connect to a specific retailer's environment.

@ Right Moment

Reach your consumer when and where it counts. Imagine the influence of being the most recent brand that has spoken to them. They are entering a drinking environment, what is going to be on their mind?

The potential is limitless. Reinforce your latest campaign, provide tasting notes, a message from the brewer or a recipe for a hot, branded cocktail. Engage them through enter to wins, inspiring content or social media prompts. Encourage them to consume responsibly with connections to a ride.

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Effective Spend

How many dollars are spent communicating to the consumer while they are at their desk, in the car, on their couch? With JUXTAD, you are only communicating to the consumer when they are at a bar, nightclub or restaurant.

TV, print, out of home, radio, digital...all of the formats hope to build awareness, encourage consideration and trial and foster loyalty. JUXTAD will be your most effective spend of all.

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Last Chance

Wouldn't you like to be the last brand that spoke to a consumer before they make a purchase decision? The JUXTAD platform allows you to do just that.

Take advantage of using your rich content and positioning media and leverage the recency bias consumers give to brands that engage them. We know the smartphone is your consumers' second screen. Let your brand be their first choice.

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