Mobile Proximity Marketing Platform

Connecting Consumers, in Purchase locations, to Brands through their smartphone

Proximity Marketing- enabling communication that has never been more relevant for a consumer. Engaging with a consumer as they near your they near a purchase decision. The "internet of things" has arrived and JUXTAD's mobile proximity marketing platform connects the purchase tetrad: The location with brand with consumer at the right moment- providing a behavior changing moment for marketers.

Our platform facilitates the connection with brand owners, app developers and locations. JUXTAD has established a network of beacons, to enable proximity marketing to occur in a scalable way.

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Speak to consumers in the moment that matters

The future has changed

This is today's marketing. Gone are the days of advertising to consumers when they are at their desk or on the couch. Traditional marketing platforms have their place, but Smart Marketers know that providing content, in the moment of a decision, is welcome and powerful. Dollars wisely spent.

Imagine being able to reach a consumer when they are nearing your brand. Imagine providing them relevant content at the moment they are about to make a purchase decision. Timing is everything. The time is now.

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We've got the bandwidth

Connecting consumers to brands requires the coordination of efforts by different parties. JUXTAD seamlessly integrates the needs of the brand owners, the app developers and the locations all together, in perfect harmony.


for Brand Owners

Connect when consumers are in the moment of a decision.

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for App Developers

You've built a great app, now maximize your earning potential.

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